Contentworks Introduces Forex Affiliate Content Bundles!

Contentworks Agency has hit a home run with its latest offering featured in leading industry site Finance Magnates. The team has created a workable solution to the biggest problem facing brokers in the coming months. That is, providing managed and compliant forex affiliate content.

It all began when the latest CySEC memo hit the desks of FX compliance managers on June 26th 2017. Among other things, the memo stipulated that brokers will be responsible for the content produced by their affiliates. This prompted frantic discussions between marketing and compliance departments to try to reach a solution on how to manage the websites, emails, landing pages, banners and ebooks of hundreds, even thousands of partners.

Are Your Affiliates About To Land You In Hot Water?

With CySEC squeezing brokers harder on bonuses and leverage, many have turned to their top performing affiliates to close the gap. Forex affiliates play a vital role in the acquisition process by bringing in new leads and prompting higher deposits. Contentworks director and former FX content manager Charlotte says

“We know how important affiliates are for the forex industry. Brokers need their armies of affiliates to be promoting their brand, their USPs and ultimately their signups. However, for many years, the affiliates have been neglected. They were not provided with the right marketing tools, support and guidance to effectively and compliantly promote the brand”

Of course, most affiliates didn’t wait and simply took it upon themselves to maximise their income. They created their own banners, wrote their own text and ran their own social media campaigns. All this used to be fine, however forex brokers will now be held accountable for non-compliant messaging by affiliates. This is why Contentworks has created affiliate content bundles.

What Do You Get?

With prices starting from just €300, you can pick and choose as much or as little content as you need for your affiliates. You can then host the content within your partner library or provide it directly to your top performing affiliates, the choice is yours. The affiliate content bundles include:

  • Company descriptions
  • Website content
  • Emails
  • Blog articles
  • Landing page text
  • Ebook text
  • Banner text
  • Video scripts
  • Fundamental and technical analysis
  • Translations available


This industry first from Contentworks is an easy fix for brokers who want motivated and compliant affiliates. It’s also another way to reward top performing affiliates and give them the tools they need to succeed.

Brokers can download more information about affiliate content bundles here or contact us directly for more information.


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