Countdown to Cyprus Fintech Expo 3.0

Whether you’re a marketer, director or company owner, it’s important to start mapping out your schedule for Q1. And the eagerly anticipated Cyprus Fintech Expo 3.0 by IMH is getting January off to a great start. From artificial intelligence to mobile applications, technology helps to increase access to secure and efficient financial products and services. Fintech is a hot topic right now so this is a must attend event. As media partner, Contentworks Agency is counting down with everything you need to know about Cyprus Fintech 3.0.

Location and date:

This one-day fintech summit will take place on Thursday 16 January 2020 at the Hilton Park Hotel, in Nicosia, Cyprus from 8.30am until 3pm.

Target audience:

As a fintech conference, Cyprus Fintech Expo 3.0 will cover a wide range of fintech developments as well as new industry opportunities and potential risks. It will also look at the wider financial services sector.

So, who should attend?

The conference is aimed at senior executives, IT experts and managers from fintech companies. It’s also ideal for commercial and retail banks operating in Cyprus as well as insurance companies, investment firms, forex brokers, fund companies and asset managers, ICT organisations, the e-commerce and retail sector and regulatory bodies.

What to Bring:

Cyprus Fintech  3.0 will be packed with talks, but there will also be networking opportunities. So, it’s a good idea to bring business cards and contact info to continue business conversations at a future date. The conference is free of charge but remember to bring your registration email with you to speed things up. Refreshments will be provided.

The schedule:

Cyprus Fintech Expo 3.0 is a one-day event which is set to explore the fintech and financial services world from many different angles. The schedule, to date, is as follows:

Session 1: The Fintech Revolution/Cyprus as a Fintech Center

Ideal for: Cyprus start-ups, fintech newbies, anyone looking to learn more about fintech progression on this Mediterranean island.

Speakers: Fouad Chaarani, Managing Partner, Xenatus Global / Elise Nunn, Head of Operations, Plum, UK / Alexis Pantazis, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Hellas Direct / Argyris Argyrou, Founder, Foody.com.cy / Xanthos Symeou, CTO, Abacio

  • What is fintech all about
  • Cyprus as a fintech centre
  • Fintech start-ups in Cyprus

Session 2: Fintech and Banking

Ideal for: Anyone in the banking or digital transactions sector.

Speakers: Nikolai Hack, COO/UK MD, Nucoro, UK / Randeep Singh Buttar, CEO/Founder, Compliance as a Service, UK / Omer Porus, Senior Solution Architect, Red Hat, Israel

  • The technological future of banking
  • Customer-centric Banking: Interacting with the digital consumer
  • Mobile Banking
  • Open Banking

Session 3: Digital Payments

Ideal for: Digital payment companies, crypto enthusiasts, retail experts

Speakers: Andros Papageorgiou, CEO, CRM.COM / Christiana Aristidou, Leading Partner – Technology Business Lawyer, Christiana Aristidou LLC / Daniel Döderlein, CEO and Founder, AUKA, Norway / Dr Nicodemos Damianou, CEO, JCC Payment Systems / Christos Ttiniozou, Managing Director, iSPIRAL / Nikos Goutsoulas, Head of Financial Services, Athens Technology Center

  • Navigating the payments world
  • Crypto assets and finance
  • Cybersecurity
  • Retail industry: How the digital payment technology transforms the retail sector

Session 4: New Technologies

Ideal for: AI experts, banks, brokers, IT managers, insurance companies

Speakers: Manu Moreno, CTO, BDEO, Spain / Lefteris Anastasakis, Senior Sales Director, PRIORITY

  • Robotics and Automation in Financial Services
  • Revolutionizing the insurance industry with AI
  • AI and Banking
  • Psychology of customer: How digital adoption is more about psychology than it is technology?

Contentworks as Media Partners

As a leading content marketing agency for the fintech/finance space, Contentworks Agency will be media partnering this event and attending on the day. Contentworks specialises in blogs, articles, whitepapers, video scripts, social media and more for fintech and finance. We’ve always got our fingers on the pulse when it comes to innovations and updates and are excited about expanding our knowledge at Cyprus Fintech 3.0.

High Profile Sponsors

With high-profile sponsors including ATC, Cablenet, CRM.COM, G.A.P. Vassilopoulos Group & Worldline | SIX Payment Services (Europe) S.A., Hellas Direct, iSPIRAL, JCC Payment Systems, Mellon (Cyprus) Ltd, Priority, Zebra Consultants | Red Hat and Bolt, as well as high-profile exhibitors including CL8, EY, KPMG, Moebius, NETinfoPAY Ltd, NetU and Paysafe, this will be an event to remember.

For more information, registrations and general enquiries, please contact IMH: