Contentworks Agency To Moderate at Reflect Festival

Billed as one of the largest events in the region, Reflect Festival brings together over 10,000 creators, innovators and futurists in technology and finance. Contentworks Agency will be participating as a media partner, and Director, Niki Nikolaou will be leading some of the key panels at the two-day event.

The 2024 edition is scheduled for May 30 and 31 at the refurbished Kolla Culture Factory, Limassol, Cyprus. Niki will participate as a moderator of the Money Stage, for the panel discussion titled – Bridging worlds: The future of finance in the age of crypto, scheduled for 2:00pm on Day 1.

The Region’s Flagship Tech Event

Reflect started as an unplanned gathering by two college friends who wanted to bring together the top minds to discuss the present and future of their specific areas of expertise. What began in a restored carob-mill warehouse quickly escalated to an outdoor festival with open discussion stages, buzzing expo booths, and parties attended by startups, corporates, and investors dedicated to shaping the future of finance and technology. The festival provides a platform for thought leaders to share their vision and discuss emerging trends, and budding entrepreneurs to demonstrate their disruptive ideas to a sea of prospective investors, collaborators, and clients.

The festival features four stages – Big Picture, Future, Money, and Tech. In addition, there are start-up competitions and a technology summit where participants will demonstrate innovative ideas and solutions to the prominent issues in their industries.

Contentworks’ Niki to Moderate Panel At Reflect Festival

Our Director Niki will be leading the panel Bridging worlds: The Future of Finance in the Age of Crypto, on the Money stage hosted by Payabl. The panel will discuss the blurring lines between cryptos and legacy banking and explore the role of blockchain technology in the future of financial systems. The panellists will also examine the regulatory landscape affecting cryptos and the changing direction of the global economy. This will be a panel for anyone interested in, or just curious about, how DeFi, Open Banking, and Embedded Finance will transform the FinTech space.


  • Contentworks, Niki Nikolaou (moderator)
  • CEX, Arina Dudko
  • Mihkel Vitsur, Klarpay
  • Rikke Staer, Coinify
  • Mo Ali Yusuf, Fuze
  • Elina Mantrali, Harneys

Niki says

In my role as agency director, I’ve worked with large multi-nationals on developing their narrative around blockchain. And as an early crypto-adopter this is a space that I find really interesting. I’ve attended many crypto events around the world and I’m looking forward to what this excellent line-up of speakers have to offer on this panel.

Blockchain and the Future of Finance

Blockchain’s immutability, foundation of decentralized ledger, and trustless operations have given it a place in the boardrooms of Walmart, FedEx, Burger King, Mastercard, and many more for purposes beyond money movement. Even as the technology continues to evolve, its most popular application, cryptographic tokens or cryptocurrencies, has captured global attention.

It was only a few short years ago that the Oracle of Omaha, Mr Buffet said, “In terms of cryptocurrencies, generally, I can say with almost certainty that they will come to a bad ending?” Yet the recent launch of Bitcoin ETS and BTC ATMs opening up in 84 countries show that nothing is ending quite yet.

And there’s more. All companies on the NASDAQ Composite and Dow Jones’ Blue Chips, along with at least nine S&P 500 companies have been accepting cryptocurrencies since 2022. Two years later, thousands of smaller and medium-sized companies have started accepting BTC and other cryptos to gain exposure to the cross-border markets. BitPay lists over 250 of them! The latest on the horizon are CBDCs. Over 134 countries are planning to launch CBDCs, with 36 of them having completed the pilot stage. In fact, the digital Euro is all set to complete its preparation stage in 2025.

Kevin O’Leary, AKA “Mr. Wonderful,” says crypto is on track to becoming the “12th sector of the S&P 500.” The question now is how the industry and regulators plan to navigate the challenges of integrating CBDCs and cryptocurrencies into the existing financial ecosystem and the trajectory that it will push the global economy towards.

Want expert financial services content marketing? Book a free Zoom with our team. To find out what the top thinkers in the space have to say, join the Contentworks team at Reflect Festival.

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