Can You Afford Crypto Influencer Marketing?

Article published at Blockchain Trailblazers

While the crypto sector may still be in its nascent stages, influencer marketing is causing a stir within the digital asset world. Celebrities such as DJ Khaled, Paris Hilton and Floyd Mayweather have all used their A-list status to help endorse crypto projects and as the industry becomes increasingly competitive, many brands are collaborating with well-known figures to get noticed.

The only problem is, crypto influencer marketing often comes with a rather hefty price which is why crypto newbies and struggling start-ups often shy away from the idea completely. But does it always have to be so pricy? The good news is, no! With content agencies such as Contentworks leading the way with innovative and cost-effective influencer marketing solutions, you don’t have to go over budget for a single YouTube video or tweet.


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