10 Companies Who Get Financial Services Content Marketing

Financial Services Content Marketing

When it comes to financial services marketing, high-quality content is essential. With the right strategy in place it’s possible to improve brand awareness, foster authenticity, extend outreach and gain a loyal consumer following. Content is also a great way to explain trickier concepts and new innovations such as crypto, ICOs or blockchain tech. So, who has their finger on the pulse? Here are 10 companies who get financial services content marketing:

#1 Avidia Bank – @AvidiaBank

Avidia Bank humanises brand on social media

Avidia Bank has found their stride on social media. They use many different techniques to captivate their audience. Firstly, cross-band ambassadors comfortable with tech and social platforms were used to help promote their #Cashless Card campaign. This humanised the Avidia brand and presented banking in a happy, smiley-face kind of way.

Top tip: Going behind the scenes can give your brand an authentic twist helping to gain trust. Also, look at the bright, vibrant t-shirts. These can’t be missed on or offline!

Avidia also set up a separate account for their mascot. A white piggy bank called Max McNickel @BankSmartMAX. This gave them another avenue to attract consumers.

Avidia Bank has separate account for their mascot, called Max McNickel

Top tip: Avoid overly promotional content and seize opportunities to talk about wider events that will keep your followers engaged.

#2 Halifax – @AskHalifaxBank

Halifax Bank uses video marketing with Wizard of Oz-themed promotion on social media

Halifax nailed video marketing with their Wizard of Oz-themed promotion which was viewed 12,000 times on YouTube, 8,000 times on Facebook and almost 10,000 times on Twitter. Russell Galley, Managing Director at Halifax said the ad was a ‘perfect fictional fit’ for the Halifax brand and turned out to be a great way to promote home buying services across multiple channels.

Watch the video here.

Top tip: Make the most of themes and ideas that appeal to your target audience. For instance, due to the various Wizard of Oz remakes including the 1985 version Return to Oz, this story is well-known to millennials who will now be of homebuying age.

#3 The Co-operative Bank UK – @CooperativeBank

The Co-operative Bank uses calendar events for social media marketing

With 18,000 followers on Twitter along, the Co-operative Bank has successfully developed a significant social media audience. So, how are they keeping everyone entertained? A large part of their strategy is to focus on calendar events that are relevant to their brand. This is a great way to contribute to trending topics while simultaneously promoting services.

Top tip: Include specific takeaways to give your content purpose. And don’t forget to use bright, attractive images. After all, tweets with images get 150% more retweets than tweets without.

#4 TD Ameritrade – @TDAmeritrade

TD Ameritrade uses chatbot for social media

Offering cutting-edge technology and world-class trading tools, TD Ameritrade has a lot of social media power. 117,000 followers on Twitter, 363,000 likes on Facebook and 61,000 plus like on LinkedIn. Their strategy includes the successful use of chatbots. And seeing as this kind of tech will power 85% of consumer service interactions by 2020, it’s a smart move.

Top tip: If you’re going down the chatbot route, be sure to check what your competitors are doing and match the services available.

Get financial services content that works hard for your brand.

#5 Interactive Brokers – @IBKR

Interactive Brokers marketing strategy focuses on millennials

Promoting online, low-cost trading, Interactive Brokers is a top choice among 18-34-year-olds. Putting this knowledge to good use, they use marketing strategies that are tailored towards millennials. These include the ‘fear of missing out’ otherwise known as FOMO. Considering 7/10 millennials are more likely to respond if they feel they’re missing out on something good, this marketing method works.

Top tip: Make the most of persuasive content to stimulate emotions and prompt a reaction. Make sure you choose images with appropriate colours to ensure your messages stand out. White on black for instance is an effective contrast. While red promotes a sense of urgency.

#6 Robinhood – @RobinhoodApp

Also targeting millennials, Robinhood has accumulated 129,000 fans on Twitter. This is largely due to their concise, no-nonsense content marketing strategy. Millennials are impatient, they want easily accessible information. And this brand have responded accordingly.

Here’s an example of how they communicate to their followers:

Robinhood uses concise and no-nonsense content marketing strategy

Top tip: Use eye-catching headers in a bold font. Keep language meaningful and give a clear call to action.

#7 Revolut – @RevolutApp

Neobank Revolut uses polls in social media marketing strategy

Creating a ‘world beyond banking,’ Revolut offers consumers a mobile-based account making it easier than ever to make fee-free transfers. Currencies can also be exchanged into crypto.

Their idea is highly innovative and modern, just like their social strategy. One thing the Revolut team does exceptionally well is to gain insights from their followers. This helps their marketing and development plan while encouraging social followers to engage.

Top tips: Use surveys and polls to gain consumer feedback for your brand and maintain relevancy.

#8 Two Sigma – @twosigma

Two Sigma applies leading technological solutions to the finance sector and is currently dominating hedge fund marketing. Their content isn’t about being non-stop promotional. Instead, the creative team takes time to develop new ideas. The below example shows how brands can get involved with popular events and themed days. It also shows effective use of video marketing. And, there’s an element of corporate responsibility which is highly important as people appreciate brands that ‘give back.’

Two Sigma uses creativity in marketing in finance sector

Top tip: Video content will account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2020, so it’s good to use it now. Be sure to  include relevant hashtags to make your posts searchable.

#9 Fidelity Investments – @Fidelity

Named one of the best investment firms for flexibility, Fidelity is all about consumer engagement online. This forms the backbone of their financial services content marketing strategy helping to encourage interaction and drive business ideas forward. Their Valentine’s Day #FidChats discussion based around love and money was a solid example.

Fidelity Investments drives engagement on social media

People respond when Fidelity Investments drives engagement on social media

Top tip: Take note of the branded hashtag above. It’s short, simple and encourages people to tag their posts helping your campaign to gain traction online.

#10 Ally Invest – @Ally

Ally Invest focuses on millennials in their social media marketing efforts

Ally Invest is a company well known for their diverse range of self-directed and management investment products. Their main Twitter account has a following of 40,000. And due to their online-only approach, they were voted best bank for millennials by Kiplinger.

In theory, targeting millennials should be easy. They’re digital natives who have grown up with technology and are therefore the perfect audience for Ally. That said, millennials are also demanding, impatient and used to getting what they want right away. So, what did Ally do to capture their attention? Well, they played on the fact that millennials can and will do their research and produced a video to address such browsing habits. Indeed, 8/10 millennials will not make an online purchase without reading a review first. And most only buy from sites with trusted recommendations.

The video encouraged followers to:

  • Look for better
  • Check online reviews
  • Ask the internet
  • Ask friends
  • Ask co-workers.

This helped to create authenticity and showcased a brand that was confident in what they had to offer.

Top tip: Use what you know about your target audience to create a targeted campaign that addresses their key concerns. Gutsy marketing shows you’ve nothing to hide. It also keeps your content relevant and on trend which make it relatable.

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