Nordic Fintech Week on Track for Record Attendance

Nordic Fintech Week will once again bring together leading fintech representatives in a two-day conference happening on 27 and 28 September 2023 in Copenhagen. The event aims to showcase the best in Nordic fintech innovation that is reshaping regional and global finance. As media partner, we’re getting the latest from the event organisers.

Record Attendance

The 2022 event was already the largest-ever Nordic Fintech Week event, and 2023 is on track to surpass it in all respects. The forecasted numbers for this year’s event are:

  • 2,000 attendees.
  • Over 100 speakers.
  • Over 100 financial institutions.
  • Over 200 fintechs.

“The Nordics truly are a hotbed of fintech innovation,” says Thomas Krogh Jensen, CEO of Copenhagen Fintech and co-organizer of Nordic Fintech Week. “Last year’s record numbers with delegations attending from all over the world proves the strength of the Nordics, and the interest this year reveals that we’re gaining momentum.”

That collective strength is reflected in a recent study by McKinsey which placed two Nordic countries in the top one-third of best-performing fintechs in Europe, beating Germany and France. Three Nordic countries are in the top seven in Europe for the highest number of fintechs per capita, says the same study. And the two top positions in Europe (excluding the UK) for the amount of funds raised by fintechs, per capita, are held by Nordic countries.

“The Nordic fintech scene has earned the international attention it now enjoys,” says Thomas Krogh Jensen. “I believe that companies interested in setting up offices in Europe will start looking to the Nordics as a potential base because of this, coupled with our strong history in digital finance.”

The Nordics are gaining momentum due to three major factors

  1. The widespread use of digital IDs enables secure and immediate data sharing, unlocking immense potential for innovation in open banking and open finance.
  2. The highly digitized citizenship is well adapted to mobile technology—the Nordics enjoy 92% mobile penetration compared to only 70% in Europe.
  3. High trust levels in regulators and public institutions that operate under tight regulatory frameworks that are optimized for innovation.

Although the event is being hosted in Denmark, it draws speakers, partners, and participants from across the Nordics, making it the only annual event where attendees can meet and network with the most promising from all five Nordic markets at once.

Delegations to this year’s event have been confirmed from all the Nordic and Baltic ecosystems (8 markets) and countries like Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, the U.S.A., South Africa, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Germany, and other countries. Ticket sales so far come from all continents except Australia.

Confirmed speakers include multiple international heavyweights, including Marie Bjerre, Danish Minister for Digital Government and Gender Equality, Lars Seier Christensen (Switzerland), founder and CEO of the Concordium Foundation; Caroline Emch (London, UK), VP, Government Affairs at American Express; Ronit Ghose (Dubai, UAE), Global Head for Future of Finance at CitiBank; Ken Villum Klausen (Copenhagen), Founder and CEO of Lunar, Jeppe Rindom (Copenhagen), Co-founder and CEO of Pleo and Philip Konopik (Stockholm, Sweden), Regional Managing Director for the Nordics and Baltics at Visa.

“Nordic Fintech Week embodies the cooperative spirit of the Nordics,” says Stian Faber, Head of Partnerships at Nordic Fintech Magazine, and co-organizer of Nordic Fintech Week. “In the same room, you’ll find industry heavyweights mingling with startup founders, all in the interest of growing the Nordic ecosystem for everyone’s benefit. It’s the perfect opportunity for anyone to get up to speed with the latest tech developments across the industry under one roof.”

Nordic Fintech Week 2023 will bring together major European, Nordic, and Baltic Community Partners to further invigorate this thriving sector. Community Partners for the event include NCE Finance Innovation, Fintech Belgium, Swedish Fintech Association, Fintech Farm Helsinki, The Factory, Holland Fintech, Finance Estonia, Rockit, Fintech Hub Lithuania, LIAA and e-Estonia.

Corporate Sponsors

The event’s corporate sponsors include Tryg, Mastercard, Citi, Visa, American Express, BEC Technologies, eToro, Inpay, Finaro, Enfuce, Decta, Idemia, Normative, Crediwire, Tuum, Checkout.com, FIS, HSBC and dozens of other major fintech players. The event also embraces the fintech startups with a dedicated startup zone in the heart of the event, including a startup stage for all startups to pitch from.

Nordic Fintech Week is an unmissable event for fintechs that want to expand beyond their home markets and stay on top of their game,” says Faber. “It’s the largest event in the Nordics that brings major and minor players from all the Nordic countries under one roof, opening the door to opportunities that might never appear again.

Event Details

Open to: Everyone.
Date: 27 – 28 September 2023
Location: TAP1 Event Venue, Copenhagen, Denmark
Price: Pricing varies. All pricing details can be found here.

Press contacts

Stian Faber, Head of Partnerships
Nordic Fintech Magazine
+45 5080 9160

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