Marketing to Millennials in the Finance Sector

45% of traders are millennials, 55.4 million are using digital banking and 35% own cryptocurrencies. But what percentage is your finance brand reaching?

Millennials are shunning brick and mortar banks for digital experiences. They demand personalised content, and they expect social media responses within 60 minutes. Your marketing must keep up or make way for something better. Download our FREE e-book and learn how to promote your financial services brand to the most difficult generation yet.

Marketing to Millennials in the Finance Sector

In our FREE e-book, we’re talking millennial psychology. We’re looking at real-life examples of hot millennial marketing campaigns in the finance sector. And we’re giving you tips on how to acquire more clients with content marketing and social media. Learn about:

  • Millennial subsets and their needs
  • How to demonstrate corporate responsibility
  • Embracing AI tech like millennials have
  • Crafting tasty, snackable and easily digestible content
  • Nailing creativity with omnichannel, real-time and humour

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