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AI content is boring. There, we said it

AI content is starting to sound the same. As a financial services content marketing agency, we can spot it a mile off. AI content is often grammatically questionable, factually incorrect and even non compliant.

And then there's the search engines.

"Google intends to delist AI-generated content from its search results, and even target individuals who publish low-quality content on websites with a high reputation score."

Human written content outperforms AI content on engagement, SEO and brand visibility.

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    The increasing use of AI during the past 18 months has raised legal questions over copyright. It’s an allegation at the heart of a high-profile lawsuit that the New York Times NYT, filed late last year against OpenAI and its biggest backer, Microsoft MSFT.

    At Contentworks Agency we provide original, non AI content to banks, forex brokers, fintechs, oil & gas, insurance, legal, governmental, healthcare and many other sectors. Our content marketing services include technical analysis, intelligence reports, press releases, whitepapers, articles, video marketing and social media management.

    Our content is compliant as we stay updated on the latest regulations for the financial services sector. Something AI cannot do as it is trained on old data.

    Our team works strategically to deliver on SEO, Acquisition, KPIs and engagement.

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