Animated Videos

Discover how animation can boost your brand!

Meet Don Bull and Rob Bear in our Wall Street Bucks animation. They were created by our team to explain basic market concepts to new traders and investors. We can create unique characters like Don Bull and Rob Bear for your brand. We can provide explainer videos that boost your education centre. Or commercials for TV or your social media channels. We're big on strategy and work with you to tell your story and explain your product. We develop original ideas, write scripts and draw storyboards to keep you in the loop throughout the whole process.

Animated videos explain complex subjects in a fun and engaging way. That's why we create them for our financial services and fintech clients.

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    What Are Animated Videos Used For?

    • To educate and explain complex subjects
    • To develop a mascot or story for your brand or product launch
    • To evoke nostalgia and positive memories amongst viewers
    • To gain shares, likes and social media traction
    • Instructional videos that show how mechanisms work in simple terms
    • Social media Reels, Stories or Adverts
    • Funny TikTok challenges or pranks
    • Animated Video Commercials
    • Event videos to play at your booth or on the big screen
    • Pitch deck videos to raise investment or buy in

    What Video Formats Can I Have?

    We can provide animated videos in a range of formats including:

    • 2d Animated Video
    • 3d Animated Video
    • Cartoon Explainers
    • Video Infographics
    • Motion design & motion graphics
    • Character animation
    • Whiteboard animation & doodle videos

    How Long Does It Take?

    We work in a strategic and customised way so our animations are not "off the shelf". We recommend allowing 4-6 weeks for your video to be produced and delivered.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Animated videos are charged according to the work involved (eg strategy, script, storyboard and animation.) The cost is also influenced by the length of the video, the format (eg 2D or 3D) and other elements such as voiceovers, music and paid footage. We will provide a custom quote that matches your exact requirements,

    The Contentworks Agency team includes creative storytellers who understand finance, fintech, blockchain and crypto. Talk to us about animated videos.

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