Compliant Affiliate Content

The latest CySEC memo stipulates that forex brokers are responsible for the content produced by their affiliates. Are your affiliates about to land you in trouble?

The Problem

We know that affiliates can be a blessing and a curse for forex brokers. They can generate tons of new leads, but they can also drain your content marketing resources and in many cases, misrepresent your brand. With a high demand for news, educational content and blogs, many affiliates are struggling. This often leads to incorrect messaging, duplicate text and potentially non-compliant, off brand content.

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The Solution

Contentworks Agency understands the challenges of running an effective affiliate program. We also understand that the right content on your partners sites can increase leads and maximise conversions. That’s why we’ve put together some compliance savvy content bundles for you to purchase for your top affiliates.

What’s Included?

Our affiliate content bundles consist of unique content written especially for your partners. With pricing from just €300, you can pick and choose as much or as little as you need

  • Company descriptions
  • Website content
  • Emails
  • Blog articles
  • Landing page text
  • Ebook text
  • Banner text
  • Video scripts
  • Fundamental and technical analysis
  • Translations available

This industry first from Contentworks is an easy fix for brokers who need motivated and compliant affiliates. Give your affiliates the tools they need to perform.