Why Financial Services Companies Need A Rockstar Solution

Social Media

At Contentworks we provide social media marketing solutions to some of Europe’s biggest forex brokers and financial institutions.

In 2017, market participants are using Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Stock Twits and others to track the latest market developments in real time, locate financial services providers and connect with other market enthusiasts.

Today, there are millions of retail traders, financial brands and institutional investors using social media to help them make money so where is your brand positioned?

Your target audience is financially solvent, ready to spend and highly active on social media.  Don’t believe us? Here’s the proof…


The Stats

  • More than half of investors over the age of 50 access Facebook regularly (Millionaire Corner)
  • 75% of Senior Corporate Executives watch videos on business sites every week
  • 70% of millionaires have profiles on one or more social platforms (Millionaire Corner)
  • More than two-thirds of millionaires 47 and younger use LinkedIn. (Think Advisor)
  • 45% of Senior Corporate Executives check their Twitter accounts 2-5 times/day. (Millionaire Corner)
  • 45% of Mass Affluence investors consider Facebook a source for investment and financial needs
  • 63% of mass affluent consumers take action after using social media to learn about financial products and services. (Think Advisor)
  • 45% of online US adults who have a Twitter account are interested in interacting with financial services firms (Social Media Governance)
  • 40% of US consumers who opened a full-brokerage account last year, researched their choices online. (CrewNetwork)
  • Over one-third of US adult Twitter users agree with the statement, “I often recommend financial products and firms that I like to my friends and acquaintances,” (Social Media Governance)
  • The financially solvent 55-64 age bracket is the fastest growing demographic on Twitter (Business Insider)


Why Financial Services Companies Use Contentworks For Social Media Management

  • Management Of 3 Social Media Channels
  • Action Innovative Methods To Tweet Your Products & Services
  • Position You As A Thought Leader In Your Industry
  • Provide Insights Into Your Competitors
  • 3 Hours On Demand Content
  • 3 Weekly Blog Articles
  • Hands Free Blog Uploads
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Full Content Marketing Strategy
  • Outreach Influencer Strategy
  • Here are just a few of the services we provide for our Rockstar.


Are you ready to take your financial services brand to the next level? Ask about our Rockstar package which is especially designed to meet the needs of financial services firms, brokers, banks and investment agencies.

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