3 Ways Content Marketing Can Overcome Compliance Challenges

We don’t mess about when it comes to compliance. Regulators like CySEC, the FCA and FSA strictly govern banks, lenders, trading companies and other financial institutions and they don’t mess about either. Every piece of text you publish under your brand name must be compliant or you run the risk of landing yourselves in hot water with a regulatory fine. Regulatory fines can run into the millions and that can have serious implications for any organisation. At Contentworks we understand content marketing for the financial services industry. It’s what we do. In this article, we are going to look at 3 ways content marketing can overcome compliance challenges.

#1 It’s Not About The Money, Money, Money

Well actually, it is. However you dress it up, we know that most traders are involved in the financial markets solely to make money. Google searches for “Make Money Online” equate to millions each month so wouldn’t it be tempting to include content headlines such as Make Money Online Trading Forex on your blog. Tempting yes, however not worth a juicy big fine when you’re pulled up by your regulator for making false promises and failing to advise of risks. At Contentworks we understand that make money online cannot be used as a promise. It can, however be used as a historical fact when properly sourced. How These 5 Traders Make Money Trading Online is acceptable as a headline providing that any information pertaining to their success is true and sourced. The aim is not to cheat your regulator. It’s about meeting the necessary guidelines whilst providing engaging, readable content.

#2 Stop The Financial Markets I Want To Get Off

We are sure that every content marketer in the financial sector has thought this at some point. The markets are moving so fast that your team barely has time to prepare the content, edit it and pass it through compliance before it becomes irrelevant and outdated. Of course, that doesn’t even leave time for promoting it. Sigh. So how can we stop time in the financial markets? The answer is we cannot but we can be ready with an approved evergreen content bank. Evergreen content is content which is good at any time of the year. For example, 5 Trading Techniques for Beginners is evergreen whilst What Currency Pairs To Watch During Today’s NFP is not. An evergreen content bank requires a lot of work to prepare (don’t worry we’ve got you covered on that) however it is well worth it in the long run. Having pre-approved content ready to load onto your blog leaves you free to focus on the time sensitive issues without worrying about an empty void. Evergreen content can also be republished on your social media networks over and over and over and…  you get the idea.

#3 We Don’t Need No Education

Actually, you really do. Let’s travel back to November 30th 2016. A normal day.. coffee.. trading and then it hit. CySECs big announcement that is still sending ripples through the industry. There will be no more bonuses. Immediately marketing departments up and down the land went into a spiral because let’s face it, most of them had relied heavily on bonuses as an acquisition tool. The dust settled and many CMOs were left contemplating the fate of the industry and indeed of their own brokerage. So how can content marketing save the day? Brokers are now returning to their USPs (unique selling points), their brand values, their educational centres and their storytelling in order to claw in new clients and retain existing loyalty. Without a juicy bonus to tempt traders, this can be an arduous task. At Contentworks, we have been working with brokers to maximise their impact in the New World Order of the forex markets. This means content marketing that sorts the wheat from the chaff. This means content marketing that performs.

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