Contentworks Agency Media Partners Innovative Ai4 2021 Finance Summit

Contentworks Agency will media partner the upcoming Ai4 2021 Finance Summit presented by dotData. This fully digital event will take place from 3-4 March 2021 and is set to explore artificial intelligence in relation to financial services. The global AI fintech market is predicted to reach $22.6 billion by 2025. That means achieving an annual growth rate of 23.37% between 2020 and 2025. The discussion around the use of AI in finance couldn’t be more relevant. So, what does the eagerly anticipated Ai4 Finance Summit have in store?

Ai4 2021 Finance Summit – What to Expect?

This March, the Ai4 2021 Finance Summit will bring together business leaders and data practitioners to discuss artificial intelligence and machine learning technology within the financial space. Considering 54% of financial services organisations with 5,000+ employees have adopted AI according to the latest Economist Intelligent Unit adoption study, actionable insights from those working on the frontlines of AI are very much welcome. 70% of all financial services firms are using machine learning to predict cash flow events, fine-tune credit scores and detect fraud and therefore lively discussion is inevitable.

The summit will specifically address what AI means to the financial services industry, and will deliver content that advances understanding at any stage of an organisation’s AI journey. Set to welcome a fully engaged community, the Ai4 Finance Summit will focus on sector progression and streamlining processes. It provides the perfect opportunity for growth and is ideal for all finance decision makers and technology experts.

An Action-Packed Agenda

Although face-to-face meetings aren’t allowed right now, the digital conferencing space has been finely tuned over the past year. This means the Ai4 Finance Summit is able to deliver an action-packed digital agenda over two days. The schedule includes everything from general discussions to exciting panel talks including:

  • The State of AI in Banking
  • AI and Asset Management: Alt Data, Prediction and Automation
  • Risk Management’s AI Evolution
  • Customer Engagement: How AI Makes Banking a More Personalised Experience

Ai4 2021 Finance Summit Speaker Line-Up

The summit will also welcome a host of highly credible and knowledgeable speakers from the world of AI and finance. This includes:

  • Peng Cheng – Head of Machine Learning Strategies and Global Research at JPMorgan Chase.
  • EA-EE Jan – Machine Learning Senior Manager at Goldman Sachs
  • Suhas Sreehari – Artificial Intelligence Scientist at Wells Fargo
  • Glenn Fung – Chief Machine Learning Research Scientist, AI and Machine Learning Research and Innovation Director at American Family Insurance
  • Milos Maricic – President at Altruist League

Why Understanding AI and Finance is Crucial

AI is emerging as a new engine of growth in the finance sector, providing useful insights and intelligence in uncertain times. Financial services firms are, indeed, increasing their adoption of AI and machine learning to capitalise on the data from new digitally driven channels. The pandemic has pushed more and more clients online and therefore keeping track of multiple data sets is an AI must to drive business forward. With Economist Intelligence Unit research discovering that 86% of financial services executives plan on increasing their AI-related investments through 2021, keeping up with all the latest developments and how they could benefit your business is crucial.

Contentworks as a Media Partner

As a leading content marketing agency for the finance and fintech sectors, we’re a perfect match for this summit. Or team provides high-quality content for companies branching into AI technology, and as a team we’re keen to keep up with the latest insights. We’ll keep you informed during the run-up to this digital event. We’ll also be covering the action on Twitter using the hashtag #Ai4Finance so be sure to follow us for exclusive updates. Apply for a free pass now or register online to join in on all the action.

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