Content Mermaid Kelly Makes a Splash at Contentworks Agency

We’re a little bit excited here at Contentworks Agency. A real live content mermaid has joined the team and while she doesn’t drink coffee (and has a warped fear of ‘wet’ teabags); her exceptional writing, marketing and PR skills make up for her unusual taste in drinks.

Welcome to the team Kelly Pentland

Director Charlotte says “Being a member of the Contentworks Agency team is as much about personality as it is about having exceptional writing skills. We love the energy and fun that Kelly brings to the team and we know our clients will too!”

Born in Oxfordshire England, Kelly graduated from the University of Kent with an honours degree in English and American Literature before landing a job at a theatre breaks company in Hythe. After three years of venturing back and forth to the Big Smoke and reviewing West End shows such as Wicked, Chicago, The Phantom of the Opera, Billy Elliot and The Wizard of Oz, she then made her way up to Manchester to pursue a media career with GroupM.

As well as learning northern words such as brew (tea), balm cake (bread roll) and mint (great), she took her knowledge of SEO to the next level and began writing for global brands – all while growing her reputation as a top writer.

Director Niki says: “Kelly’s passion for accuracy and her interest in the finance markets, makes her an invaluable member of our team. We are really excited about working with another talented writer.”

What does Kelly bring to Contentworks Agency?

She might not make a good cup of tea (we are still trying to get over this), but Kelly does bring a host of skills to the table. With over ten years of industry experience, Kelly understands the importance of timely, up-to-date and engaging content. She thinks outside of the box and isn’t afraid to be different which helps give blogs, articles and marketing/social campaigns a much-needed creative edge in a technology-led world that’s constantly evolving.

What’s more, Kelly is a compliant financial writer with a firm understanding of the rules and regulations. Having lived in Cyprus, hub of the forex world, for the past four years, she has produced content for reputable financial organisations on the island and makes it a priority to keep up with the latest news and developments. She’s also a research fanatic and likes to spend her Friday nights trawling through websites and making ‘mind maps’ for the week ahead (just kidding, she puts on a film and falls asleep before nine o’clock like the rest of us).

In her spare time, Kelly dabbles in travel writing and likes to knock out poetry for her son with her latest Pitter-Patter Poems collection being his new favourite. Cute!

A few fun facts about our new content mermaid

At Contentworks Agency, we like to know who we’re dealing with – so here are a few fun facts.

  • If you have a Skype call with Kelly, don’t be fooled. She is part mermaid and prefers to spend as much time as she can underwater. She’s an enthusiastic diver and recently completed her Advanced PADI Course.
  • Kelly has seen the Disney movie Frozen about 1,100 times and could probably sing Let It Go backwards while maintaining a rather impressive American accent. She’d secretly like to run through the snow-covered Troodos Mountains pretending to be Elsa.
  • Kelly is originally a country bumpkin and recently dressed up as a scarecrow for Halloween.

So, as you can see, Contentworks Agency is expanding to keep up with demand for top quality writers. Our standards are exceptionally high, so why not contact us today to talk about your content plans.

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