Why Social Media for Finance is So Darn Difficult

Article first published at My Trading Buddy.

With Facebook set to reach two billion active users and over 330 million people interacting on Twitter, it’s no surprise that companies are weaving a social element into their content marketing campaigns. We live in a tech-led where 71% of those who have a good social media experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others – but as the pressure builds to have a strong online presence, one question remains: why is social for finance so darn difficult?

Compliance and Regulation

Unlike other sectors, the finance industry is governed by a host of tough rules. Compliance is as necessary as a Friday night in with a bottle of Italy’s finest (just us?) and therefore must be taken seriously. Regulators like CySEC, the FCA and FSA strictly watch over banks, lenders, trading companies and other institutions and trust us – they won’t hold back if your break the rules.


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