Contentworks is different from other marketing agencies because we specialise in the sectors we know about. Our Directors have created a business model which specifically addresses the concerns of CMOs in the finance, tech and lifestyle industries. Unlike other agencies, we don’t leave inexperienced juniors to handle your account. We oversee and direct each and every activity, interaction and action. We also focus on content marketing instead of promising graphic design, video, PPC and analytics meaning that we are experts in everything we do.
There are numerous benefits to choosing an agency over additional onsite team members. Firstly, there’s the expertise factor. Contentworks employs a team of talented marketers all with individual skillsets. We have technical writers, campaign writers, financial analysts and social media specialists. If you were to employ these people in-house you would need to open multiple positions. Secondly, using Contentworks will save you budget over time. By hiring Contentworks you will save money on employee costs such as paid vacations, sick days, bonuses and office costs. The costs and services at Contentworks are transparent and set. No extras, no loopholes and no small print.
We understand that confidentiality is a high priority for all clients and especially those in the financial sector. We sign NDAs with all our clients and never disclose confidential information to third parties. Because we create individual marketing plans for each brand we work with, there is never an overlap of work, a duplication of content or a conflict of interest. We want all our clients to succeed and work with them to achieve their individual content marketing goals.
Contentworks may be a startup but its Directors and employees are not. Our team is bursting at the seams with talented, experienced marketing professionals from the finance, tech and lifestyle sectors. As a startup we are dynamic, competitive and able to adapt to your growing needs. We are also ready to inject fresh and innovative ideas into the industry.
Yes you can. Contentworks is all about adapting to the growing content marketing needs of your business. Perhaps you want to start on a “Socially Sorted“ solution and progress on to “Rockstar” status. Our smart solutions are designed to work with your existing resources and are totally scalable.
Yes. As a content marketing agency, we are big on communication. We will fully manage your chosen solution and communicate with you every step of the way. Expect regular catch up calls, emails and monthly reports on our activities.
Contentworks does not make promises with regard to your lead generation or acquisition. Content marketing addresses three key needs: Branding, Customer Service and Acquisition. With regard to acquisition, we look at tangible areas such as engagement, web traffic and virality which may lead to acquisition. We are not a PPC agency and do not charge high fees to generate leads.
We are not graphic designers. Unless you enjoy badly drawn stick figures. We do, however, understand the importance of great graphic design paired with exceptional content. Contentworks is associated with several high-calibre design agencies who work with us to create eBooks, presentations, social media graphics and landing pages. This means we are able to provide you with complete costs for your projects.
We need your passion to succeed, your cooperation and your best coffee. That’s all. We work with the resources you have and do not make unnecessary demands on your time and budget. If you have a content writer onsite, we will work with him/her to create an awesome content marketing plan. If you don’t ... well that’s fine too. We get to know key members of your organisation such as your CMO, legal & compliance team and creative staff. This means that we understand your procedures, respect your infrastructure and achieve slicker, happier results.
We measure client success in a number of different ways. We look at your starting point and your KPIs and aim to grow in that direction. This may be success through higher website rankings, increased social media fans, higher engagement, more responses or a higher CTR (click through rate) for your campaigns. Content marketing is the process of telling your brand’s story, gaining listeners and converting them to clients and brand advocates. This is where Contentworks is successful. We also measure success by the happiness of our clients, something we have achieved time after time.
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